Ram 1500 ecodiesel

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  1. rockman

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    May 26, 2010
    Dublin VA
    Evening, I'm looking to replace my F-150 with a Ram 1500 and have been reading up on the 3.0 diesel. Anyone have any experience with that motor? It look like its available in the range I'm looking into.

    thanks, Bill
  2. jeepinmatt

    jeepinmatt Still Fat

    Mar 24, 2005
    Stanley, NC
    My mom has one in her 2016 Grand Cherokee. It's decent for an SUV motor bit underpowered for a truck. And the FCA emissions fix only made it worse. Dead throttle, excess DEF consumption, turbo lag, decreased fuel economy, etc.

    BUT I wouldnt hesitate to buy one. If it were mine, it would have a tune on it and be much more reliable with plenty of power for a commuter truck that occasionally tows a few thousand pounds. It would also be a Rambox bed and Longhorn interior with real leather, but not the version with all the filigree crap.
  3. rodney eppes

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    Feb 3, 2010
    Mt.Holly NC 28120
    My former Master Mechanic, now car dealer, said he wouldn't have one, though he says that about most New stuff. Don't remember his exact quotes, but it was something about the history of the engine maker, some of the systems used on it, & excessive under hood heat. When you read Four Wheeler's "Test" drive on one, it's the Greatest thing ever! But too, Most their reviews are the same on every vehicle.

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