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    May 31, 2012
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    Got the S10 I bought from @Lizooki on the road last night and drove to work this morning. It runs like a champ and it feels good to be rowing the gears again! I noticed this morning on the way to work that on right hand turns and the straight away that follows the speedo works. Turn left and it dies until you turn back to the right. Doesn’t have to be a sharp corner just a RH curve will do the trick. Am I looking at a possible loose electrical connection on the trans? Or, is it a union employee and only working when it wants to? Btw: 1991 s10 2wd 5 speed.
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    Blinker fluid relay is shorting out on the canooter bypass valve on the trans.

    or a loose connection or a possibly a bare wire/ground.
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    There is a "digital ratio adapter" that connects the sensor to the cluster. Look for generally loose wiring, if you put the rear on stands, you can let it run in gear to read speed, and wiggle stuff with an assistant to watch the gauge. Good luck with it.
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