Need some NC4x4 help!


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Jan 16, 2020
Eastern Shore of MD
New guy here. Need some help from the NC4x4 Community.

I bought this '97 TJ from Annapolis, MD. Previous owner didn't know what he had on his hands. Said his son bought it from someone in/ around East Carolina University and has no idea about the equipment on this rig.

We did, so we bought it.


I'm looking for the builder of this rig. I came here because of the NC4x4 gussets welded into the full cage. Trying to get some idea about the switches and wiring they did for the OBA tank, winch, lights, etc. Also trying to figure out the gear ratio, lockers(?), and any other info they can give me. I know they're old school because of the Paragon Sticker. Hopefully this person is still around.

If anyone knows of this rig or has any idea who built it, please post up or contact me. I'd really appreciate it. :beer:

IMG_3213.jpg IMG_3214.jpg IMG_3215.jpg IMG_3217.jpg IMG_3218.jpg


Joe Dirt @ Rev Limit Fab
Dec 1, 2010
Doubt the previous owner is still on here but possible. However being that is has been through another owner, your best bet is to pop the covers to figure out what gears and if it has lockers or not. Good luck on wiring, just start flippin switches till shit comes on or shorts and catches fire. Just be careful because @jeepinmatt may swing by if there talk of fire.