EGR cooler welding for a 6.0 powerstroke.

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    EGR cooler took a dump on my 06 F-350 a couple of weeks ago.I looked at delete kits and bullet proof coolers but decided to weld the cooler instead.I looked for plugs to weld in to the ends of the cooler to seal it up but could never really find anything but automotive freeze plugs.Freeze plugs is a common way to seal the cooler and from what I have read they work,but w mixed results.They have been known to burn out due to exhaust temps.Didnt want to go that way since its a suck job and I didn't want to have to do it again due to them burning out.A friend of mine had the dorman part # for the freeze plugs so I googled the # to come up w the diameter.The exhaust end of the cooler was 1.386 and the egr end was 1.888.I was able to find some stainless expansion plugs thru McMaster-Carr that were 1-3/8 and 1-1/8.The plug for the egr end of the cooler was slightly smaller but left enuf room to get a good weld on it and the exhaust end plug was about perfect.Heres some pics of the cooler after welding, the invoice w part #'s and a pic of the exhaust end plug.The bigger plug only comes in a bag of five but the smaller comes as a single.The plug pictured is for the exhaust end of the cooler,forgot to take a pic of the plug for the egr end of the cooler.Maybe this will help others who are dealing with the same issue.
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