Rock Corps 4×4 Toy Run October 24-26

Rock Corps 4×4 Club is hosting an Open Ride & Toy Run on October 24-26, 2014, at The Flats in Marion, NC. The primary goal is to collect toys and donations for foster kids in McDowell County, NC, through the Department of Social Services. For every rig, bring a toy for $10 off the price of admission (see below for full admission details).

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Spring Jamboree at UORTC and OHV trails open at UNF this weekend!

DSC_7788Spring is here and things are turning green outside… that tells us that the OHV trails at Uwharrie National Forest will re-open soon! Trails will re-open on the morning of March 29, 2013, (that’s this Friday!)!

OHV trails re-opening means it is also time for the second annual URE Spring Jamboree at the Uwharrie Offroad Training Center!

Sponsored by Kevin Powell Motorsports, Tarheel 4WD Center, James River Equipment, R.S. Braswell Company, Mid State Toyota, M & L Motor Company, and Lake Norman Power Sports Scott Fields and the UORTC have pulled out all the stops! This Saturday, March 30, there will be 4×4 Field Games and other competitions, vendor booths, an ATV and UTV test track, helicopter rides, and the swap meet! Bring the wife and kids, stop by the Eldorado Outpost for a ham biscuit, hit the trails, then check out the swap meet while the family grabs a hot dog from The Smoking Dog folks!

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4x Focus… on Oliver’s Custom Drive Shaft

DSC_5618Dave Whitley built bumpers, sliders, EXO cages, and would do solid axle swaps in his (at home) fabrication shop, for years. He used Oliver’s for drive shafts, so when the business came up for sale it seemed like a no-brainer to buy it. That’s the WAY short version of the story, but on September 1, 2009, he took on custom drive shafts, car parts, and accessories. Dave has a lot on this plate, including a new shop, so we’re glad he took a few minutes to tell us how he got into four wheeling, both for fun and for his day job. Read More »

4x Focus… on Dylan Wiles and the OG #14 XJ

Anyone who knows Dylan Wiles knows that he’s good for a story and a laugh, often at his own expense. Long-time friend, Terry Moorefield (aka YourHotDogGuy!), has a great “Dylan story.” Some years back, they were wheeling in Dayton, Tennessee, with the Carolina Trailblazers. Dylan came knocking on Terry’s camper door and asked for a can of “something.” He told Terry he didn’t care if it was beans, corn, soup, or whatever. Terry offered him supper but Dylan just wanted a can of something. The next evening, Dylan invited Terry to come have “Jeep Stew.” Terry was afraid there were some broken parts simmering in muddy water, but it turned out that Dylan had bummed a can of “something” off everyone in camp and made a big pot of stew for everyone to share after a long day on the trails. Terry said it was actually really good and added that, “it’s too bad they didn’t know what all went in it, as it could never be duplicated.”

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4x Focus… on the Uwharrie Fall Jamboree

Bring the family! The weekend of October 13, 2012, at Uwharrie National Forest is not to be missed!

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ECORS Live from The Devils’ Playground

Photos and even coverage from the ECORS race in Silver Valley, North Carolina.

4x Focus… on BurnTables

Kyle Riggen of BurnTables in Hutto, Texas, knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship. He saw a niche that he felt needed to be filled, designed and built a better product, and hasn’t looked back. His company, BurnTables, makes CNC tables for hobbyists and fabricators, to give small business owners a leg up in their own endeavors. His tables incorporate industrial components, but offer simplicity in operation, and ease of use; do-it-yourself is just part of who he is. Kyle’s company philosophy and his own knack for problem-solving are part and parcel of his avid off-roader lifestyle. Based on what we’ve seen from the BurnTables Facebook page, he also has a wicked sense of humor… and maybe his great tables leave him with some extra time on his hands.

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ECORS Live from Durhamtown Plantation

Photos and event coverage from Union Point, Georgia

4x Focus… on Doug Bigelow

Having what it takes to consistently play at the highest levels of off-road endurance racing takes skill and not a little bit of hard work. From success in the XRRA Eastern series, to a 4th place finish (after starting 42nd of 44) at the 2008 King of the Hammers, Doug Bigelow consistently proves he’s one of the big dogs. He’s run every KOH since 2008 and the purple 4413 is headed north for the King of Hammers Qualifier race at Crandon International Speedway this weekend.

The man in charge of Bigelow Motorsports was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk to us about his off-road racing career, past, present and future…

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4x Focus… on Will Carter

Will Carter’s new Ultra4 car has had quite an eventful 2012 season. The maiden voyage was the Line Mountain 4 Wheelers race at Raush Creek at the end of April. After an early flop, Will finished in 8th place. He put down one of the fastest laps at the Great American Park in the ECORS C Class race on May 19, but tagged a tree and broke a wheel on lap 5. Now the Will Carter Racing 4452 is prepped and ready for the inaugural King of Hammers Qualifier at the Brush Run at Crandon International Speedway this weekend, June 16 and 17.

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