Weight distributing hitch setup question


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Aug 24, 2005
Concord, NC
I think I know the answer, but wanted to check with the experts to be sure.
I never used a WDH with my 2500 Ram, never needed it. Now that I’ll be towing with a 2018 F150, I’ll need it, so it arrived yesterday. I have the trailer marked where the front tires of the Jeep would go when I towed with the 2500.

When I setup the WDH for the first time, do I set it up with the trailer unloaded, then load the Jeep and mark the new location where it needs to ride for everything to be level, or do I load the Jeep on the trailer first, then setup the WDH? The head of the WDH has several angle settings to adjust.

If I load the Jeep first then setup the WDH, if I’m pulling the trailer empty, would I leave the trunnion bars disconnected?


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Jul 9, 2005
Winston-Salem, NC
You can do either, really. It will just take a little trial and error until you get it right. Also, level might not be where it feels most comfortable towing. You have to just try it out. Set the ball angled up just a smidge and see if it sits level when you get the trailer loaded and arms connected. Then shim with the washers accordingly.

Don't run your WDH with the trailer empty. It will beat you to death.