Rock Corps 4x4 Toy Run October 24-26


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Rock Corps 4x4 Club is hosting an Open Ride & Toy Run on October 24-26, 2014, at The Flats in Marion, NC. The primary goal is to collect toys and donations for foster kids in McDowell County, NC, through the Department of Social Services. For every rig, bring a toy for $10 off the price of admission (see below for full admission details).





This Open Ride weekend will feature a Hill Climb Challenge and a Mudsling on Saturday. Rock Corps 4x4 Club will have tons of food and LOTS of items for a raffle & auction.

There will be a V8, a 4/6 cylinder & a Side By Side class for the hill climb race. The entry fee will be $10 and competitors must have a factory hard top or roll cage. Factory belts are allowed (no lap belts!) and helmets are required. Paybacks will be for 1st and 2nd only, per class (75% to 1st Place and 25% to 2nd Place). Pay back is 50/50, with 50% being donated to the charity in the winner's name.

The Mudsling Pit will be 200' long.

Competitors can sign up in the event thread, on the forum, or sign up at the gate on the day of the race.

There will be a vendors' row and all vendors & sponsors will be in attendance. Rock Corps 4x4 Club would like to thank our sponsors for all they do!

To ride on Saturday, the fee is $25 (rig & driver). Riders/Spectators are $10 each. To ride all weekend, including camping, the fee is $30 (rig & driver). Riders/Spectators, for the weekend, are $15 each. Bring a toy for $10 off the cost of admission and help bring a smile to a child's face!

Gates open Friday at 11am and close Sunday at 5pm.
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