Photos & Video from the Flats Open Ride 1/10/15

By trailhugger on Jan 10, 2015 at 2:26 PM
  1. trailhugger

    trailhugger Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho Administrator

    Mar 19, 2005
    Post up your photos and video from the Open Ride today at the Flats!

    Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the internet, @shawn was able to send me this as a teaser:

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    1. barnee
      I got almost all my parts together I need except a few minor things. My problem is my garage door is too short & the garage is too small. My tools & equipment plus all the parts take up the whole thing. I have to work out in the driveway & I'm far too old to work in the cold or rain.
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      just drive the tow pig up the trail like I did!
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    3. RobMcBee
      You're alot closer than I am then. I got some parts but still collecting. I can understand not wanting to work in the cold too.

      I dont have one of those LOL
      I knocked the valence off the bumper and nearly got crossed up on the log bridge. Turned into a multi-point tree and hole "Dodge-ing" event. (4 doors, short bed, diesel, and small ATS where kinda fun). I seriously didn't hit anything of much use but was fun driving around trail one to get a better view of the different features. Pulling up beside David Whitley after climbing up the back side a-ways was pretty funny. He was checking a minor issue under his buggy and I don't believe he expected to see a crew cab full size pull up beside him. At any rate is was a good chuckle.
    5. HGSR
      i might actually make it to a ride before the world oil reserves run dry.....

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