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By shawn on Aug 13, 2014 at 8:59 PM
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    The forum software has been recently updated and includes a number of new or improved features. First on that list are changes to how you can quote messages:

    And a quick follow-up video showing how you can use these new tools to quote from different forums or threads:

    Bulk watch thread management
    You can now quickly disable all email notifications or stop watching all threads from the watched threads list:


    More detailed user activity display option
    The user visibility option has now been split into two parts:


    Previously, if you had the online status option enabled, it was equivalent to enabling both options. Now, you can set it such that other users can see if you're online (such as via the active user lists or the online status indicator) but prevent them from seeing the specific page you are viewing at any given time.

    Online status indicator on messages
    Another very common suggestion was to indicate if a user is online right now when you view a message. This can now be seen in the upper right corner of the user's avatar:


    When the user is not online (or invisible), no indicator is shown.

    New Profile Post Features
    This video covers some of the new features Profile Post features, but it doesn't get around to talking about them until near the end. Unfortunately, Vimeo won't let me link you directly to the important part, but feel free to jump ahead to the 5:15 mark:

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    1. DSM Turbos
      DSM Turbos
      I wish more sites would use this forum software, I like it a lot better than Vbulletin. Glad you made the switch.
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