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By NC4x4 on Mar 14, 2012 at 6:31 AM
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    When the subject of this weekend's ECORS season opener at the Flats came up Brad Carrier said, "we are 100% on and ready to kick ass." He admits he may not be the poster child for sponsorship but, on the track, he always drives the wheels off his rig.


    Actually, since the inaugural ECORS race in October 2009, he's shown at least one XJ to its demise. He ran most of the Vale race in June, 2010, without brakes.


    At the end of the 2010 season, Brad bought a '95 Jeep YJ and most of the parts off of NC4x4. With only 72k miles on it, it started off its racing life at the Devils' Playground where Brad came in second place. For the 2011 season opener at the Flats, Brad almost rolled multiple times and ended up coming down a hill backwards. Brad and the YJ later redeemed themselves by placing first at the Great American Park race in April and podiumed in four out of the five season races. Brad brought home the A Class series Championship at Windrock.


    For the 2012 season, Brad has named the team after his 1.5 year old son, Tucker, had to spend several tense weeks in the hospital when he was a newborn. Brad's fellow ECORS racers printed and sold stickers to show their support at the Harlan 2010 race.


    With the help of his co-drivers/pit crew, Chris Kinney and Jason White, a few good friends and sponsors (Brad: "WE NEED SPONSORS!!!"), Brad hopes the Team Tucker 69x will build on last year's success.


    2011 Season Stats

    2011 Ecors Auburn, Alabama: 1st place
    2011 Ecors Spartanburg,SC: 3rd place
    2011 Ecors DPG: 3rd place
    2011 Ecors Windrock: 3rd place
    2011 Ecors A class champion


    The YJ has a hard 2,000 miles on it since last year and Brad admits it's looking a little beat up. A true A Class weekend warrior, Brad also admits to driving her on I-40 to work a couple of days a week. The jeep also has no less than 27 packs of zip ties holding various wiring and other parts out of harms way.

    That's our little secret.



    Amsoil gives us some free fluids every once and a while.
    Thanks to Dave at Oliver's Driveshaft for helping with various parts and labor.
    Also would like to thank NC4x4 for their continued support and coverage of ECORS

    Anybody willing to help would be greatly appreciated! For sponsorship opportunities please contact Brad @ 336-817-7289


    Brad and his team are ready to defend the A Class series title this Saturday at the Flats! Here's to keeping the rubber side down and all the parts on the rig!
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    1. trailhugger
      Photos and all the dirty details on the 69x YJ of Brad Carrier, ready to defend his A Class title this Saturday at the Flats!
    2. BRUISER
    3. RenegadeT
      I thought Brad was 2nd at Spartanburg...right behind me :flipoff2:
    4. catfishblues
      Great. Now Brad's gonna have to buy a bigger helmet! ;)

      New Era, FTW!
    5. drkelly
      I thought he wasn't racing this year?
    6. 1983Bronco
      when your a celebrity.....its adios reality
      trailhugger likes this.
    7. 1983Bronco
      Just fawkin with Tony:beer:
      RenegadeT likes this.
    8. trailhugger
      :lol: <shrug> I reprinted the stats he sent me.
    9. catfishblues

      Truly a legend in his own mind. :rolleyes:
    10. Ron
      Its a good thing he can drive, ever seen him dance?

      Great work Cyd!
    11. 1983Bronco
      If they would have sang free bird, I was going to break out the cabbage patch. thanks Cyd!!!!
    12. Ron
      NO FREE BIRD...

      You get Curtis Lowe and You LIKE IT!
    13. BRUISER
      nah he should get "Fancy" :)
    14. Ron
      I'm quoting the singer...wait you were there!
    15. 1983Bronco
      Sorry to say the 69x team tucker battle wagon will not be driving to work on Monday....she only suffered minor damage during the race, but my last run on the hill climb challenge critically injured the rear axle and blew my new bfg km2 mt to bits on the front. Thanks to all who came out to support team Tucker, we had a blast!
    16. reznory
      You put on a great show at the hill climb. Hope to see you again at Auburn.
    17. RenegadeT
      x2...Brad, that second run was friggin awesome
    18. 2Ton
      Think I seen this rig at sagebrush last night in Morganton, I figured it was someone from here... nice!
    19. Mulishajoe
      Thank god for advance and ranco stock shocks.lol great job made those twin turbo buggies look bad.
    20. awheelterd
      no shit! he should have got at least a few $$$ just for style! :lol:

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