2021 Bronco reveal

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    Not to blaspheme in a Ford thread but I see this being another Dodge Charger; abortion. The earlier mentioned blazer is another shit show. The new ranger: garbage, challenger: garbage, Camaro: garbage etc. bringing back a “classic” to make money, garbage.
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    Except for the rebirth of the Nova. That was a fantastic one...

  3. ghost

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    May 25, 2006
    Saw this today on book of faces....

    BIG news today!

    Ford Motor Company Named the Official Vehicle of ULTRA4 Racing and Nitto King of the Hammers

    January 30, 2020 (Temecula, CA) – ULTRA4 Racing has announced today Ford Motor Company is the Official Vehicle of ULTRA4 Racing and Nitto of King of the Hammers.

    “Our racers and spectators are as authentic and passionate as they come,” explained King of the Hammers founder Dave Cole. “It is truly humbling to think that in just over a decade our dedicated staff, loyal fans and fearless racers have helped build a motorsport and lifestyle platform that a global brand like Ford truly believes in. We are a perfect fit and we couldn’t be more excited to get the 2020 racing season started with Ford as our official vehicle partner.”

    “Working with ULTRA4 Racing and King of Hammers is a natural for Ford based on our truck, SUV and off-road heritage,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “We feel very much at home with King of Hammers as we build on our rich history of off-roading by continuing to test the all-new Bronco at the course’s epicenter – Johnson Valley – which features many of the same trails used in the race.”

    Click here to read more: Ford Motor Company Named the Official Vehicle of ULTRA4 Racing and Nitto King of the Hammers

    Ultra4 Racing | Ford Motor Company | Ford Performance
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    There probably referring to this video of them testing.

    Mainly the desert, none of the big trails.
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