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    Jun 15, 2008
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    I plan to purchase a used Big Tex 14000 lb trailer in the morning. It was last registered in Jersey and supposedly weighs in at less than 2500 pounds empty so it doesn't have to be titled in Jersey. The guy is selling it without a title obviously. I called the NC DMC and they said no problem just get a notarized bill of sale and you can get it titled as long as its never been titled before. So i asked the current owner to get me the VIN and TARE of the stamped tag on the trailer so I could confirm and do some homework. He tells me tonight he can't find the tag. I need to get this on the bill of sale before I notarize it tomorrow. Where is this tag? isnt there one on the frame near the tongue and one on one of the axles? Reply to this post with any insight and I'll check back in the morning... thanks in advanced.

  2. a_kelley

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    Jan 26, 2010
    indeed it ought be on the tongue and/or on one/both axles
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    i was looking at buying a trailer that had been stolen and recovered. it had to be re titled and the dmv had them stamp the vin in the neck of the trailer and on both axles. the title never came back that i know of, so i am glad i left it. i never buy anything without title in hand. its also a good idea in a situation like this to go to the dmv with the owner of the trailer.
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    check with the manufactuer on plate placement?

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